Enjoy Bicycling And Need Extra Storage? 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Remodeling Your Garage


If you love biking and it is one of your favorite hobbies, it's likely that you've accumulated quite a bit of biking accessories and even additional bikes. Since storing your bikes outdoors can lead to a lot of damage over the years due to sun exposure and the effects from the weather, it's important that you look into an alternative form of storage. If you've decided to convert your garage into bike storage with the help of a general contractor, you should consider some of the following tips to help make this project as successful as possible.

7 October 2016

Air Conditioner Shuts Off and Does Not Turn Back On? Check the Condensate Overflow Tray Switch


Moisture is usually formed as a byproduct of the air-conditioning process. To avoid complications such as mold growth and air-conditioner unit housing rust, manufacturers usually install a condensate drainage system that is made up of a condensate collector tray and a system of condensate drain lines that guide the moisture to a safe dumping zone. An additional defense layer is sometimes added to ensure that both the air conditioner and the building get fool-proof protection against moisture damage.

31 August 2016

Renovating Your Kitchen


When it comes to renovating your home, focusing on the kitchen has several advantages. In addition to making your daily life more convenient and improving the aesthetics of your home's design, a kitchen remodel adds resale value to your property. As long as you are budget conscious, remodeling your kitchen can be the right choice. Budget Before you begin, you need to craft a reasonable budget and then stick to it.

28 July 2016

Remodeling The Kitchen For A Large Family? 3 Must-Have Features To Include


Whether you recently bought a home that had most of your needs or your family has grown over the years, you may have a kitchen that is not large enough to accommodate everyone. If you want to expand the size of the kitchen, you may be able to sacrifice some space in the living room or dining room. But, if this is not an option or you would rather spend your money elsewhere, you should add helpful features.

3 June 2016

3 Ways A Metal Roof Can Help The Environment


If the idea of a roof helping the environment sounds a little funny to you, you've probably never heard of the urban heat island effect. This is a process that takes place when a city starts to heat up local ecosystems, changing the habitats and potentially making them unlivable for the flora and fauna who originally lived there. But the urban heat island is not caused mainly by heating your house or combusting fuel in your car; the main source of this effect is the black surfaces of roads and roofs, which capture and hold the sun's energy throughout the day at unnatural levels.

3 March 2016