Are You Looking To Hire Siding Installation Contractors? Important Questions To Ask


When you are looking to hire a siding installation contractor, there are many important questions to ask to help you find a great contractor for your needs. You likely know that you should ask about licensing, insurance, and how much they charge. Here are a few other questions that you should ask that you may not think to ask as you look to hire siding installation contractors. 

Do You Handle All of the Work In-House or Do You Outsource the Work? 

One of the questions that you need to ask as you are looking to hire siding installation contractors is whether the siding contractor handles all of the work in-house or whether they outsource the work. You want to talk to the person who is actually doing the work and ensure they have the experience and skills needed to complete the job. Asking whether they handle the work or outsource it allows you to know who is actually going to complete the work. 

Are You Certified by Any Specific Siding Manufacturers? 

Another important question to ask is whether they are certified by any specific siding manufacturers. Many siding manufacturers certify siding installation contractors who have shown that they know how to install and repair the siding to the manufacturer's specifications. If you already know what siding you want to install on your home, you want to find a contractor who is certified by that manufacturer. In many cases, the warranty for the siding will only be valid if the siding is installed by a certified contractor. 

How Much Experience Do You Have Installing Siding in My Area? 

The final question that you should ask is how much experience they have installing siding in your area. Siding may need to be installed a little bit differently based on the weather where you live. Extreme temperature changes can cause siding to expand or contract, which may mean panels need to be positioned farther apart. If you live in an area prone to strong wind gusts, the siding may need to be adhered differently to ensure it stays put. A professional with experience in your area knows all of these small details that can make a huge difference when it comes to the siding installation process. 

Hiring a siding installation contractor is one of the most important parts of having your siding replaced. The right contractor helps to ensure the siding is correctly installed, which helps to extend the life of your siding. Asking the right questions can help guide you toward a siding installation contractor who is best suited to install your home's new siding. 


3 February 2020

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