Having A Party? Steps To Take To Ensure Your Septic System Is Not Damaged In The Process


There is a lot of planning that typically goes into hosting a party. You need to send out invites, plan and prepare food, and decorate for the party. Another step that you need to take is to ensure that your septic system is not damaged during the process of hosting a party. Unfortunately, a party can be damaging to your septic system if you are not prepared. Here are three of the steps to take when hosting a party to ensure your septic system is not damaged in the process. 

Avoid Having Guests Park on Your Septic Drain Field 

Your septic drain field plays an integral role in your septic system. While you may know that it is a septic drain field, your guests may see it as an open space where they can park their cars. Unfortunately, tires can dig through the moistened dirt and soil, and do damage to the pipes that are hidden. Set aside an area where guests may park and rope off your septic drain field to ensure no one parks where they should not. 

Don't Send Grease or Oil Down Your Drains

On the day of your event, you may be busy cooking away to feed your guests. You likely know that you should not send grease or oil down your drains and into your septic tank. However, since you are busy, you may think that it is okay to make an exception just this once. Grease and oil harden as soon as they begin to cool. They can block your sewer or drain lines and harden in your septic tank. Looking to save time by sending grease or oil down your drains is not a good idea. 

Alert Guests Using the Bathroom That You Are On a Septic System

The last thing you can do to ensure your septic system is not damaged when you are hosting a party is to place signs in your bathroom or on the doors to the bathroom alerting guests to the fact that you are on a septic system. Let them know that they cannot flush feminine hygiene products or wipes down the toilet. People may not realize you are on a septic system, so letting them know this helps to ensure they properly dispose of waste, rather than flushing it. 

Taking these steps can help to prevent damage to your septic system when you are hosting a party. If it is too late and the damage is already done, septic system services can help you. They can help to clean out the septic tank, repair any damage to the septic drain field, or clean your drains to remove clogs. Contact a septic system service today if you have had a party and your septic system was damaged in the process. 

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7 August 2019

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