Being A Pipefitter: Building A Career


Whether hoping to apprentice on a shipyard or an industrial construction site, you might be eager to build a pipefitting career that's rewarding. However, the path to industry success may not be immediately clear. How can you be both employed and fulfilled on the job?

Consider Staffing Services 

If, like many new pipefitters, you aren't sure where you'll do your best work, signing up with staffing services is smart. Working through a pipefitter technician staffing company means that you're likely to be sent to many different kinds of sites. You might spend one week working on an oil pipeline and the next down at the docks working on marine projects. You'll learn a great deal about what work you like and what work you don't care for. As a technician, you're likely to pick up skills which can be applied to all of the work you do.

Staffing services are also beneficial because you can get into them right away. Rather than interviewing for several different companies, you can easily place your name in a staffing database and get called when work needs to be done. This could also be good for you because any company that takes you on as a temporary pipefitter might realize your potential and offer you something more long-term.

Focus on One Type of Site

Once you've spent time with staffing services, you should be clearer about the career you'd like to build and the places where you'd like to be employed. Focusing only on certain types of sites and learning more about them can help you hone your skills and become an expert in the field. You might love working on oil pipelines; therefore, do everything possible to show employers that you're valuable on an oilfield with your knowledge of metering stations, hydraulic equipment, and other issues. Keep learning about the sites you love so that you can impress employers with your knowledge.

Join a Union

Unions can boost your career more than expected. Not only will you likely get dental and health insurance through a union, but you'll also be privy to job listings and industry news because of union communications. Meeting up with fellow union members can lead to conversations about work and job openings. A casual conversation with another member at a union meeting could one day lead to a job interview or permanent position.

Your career depends on your attention to details and career-building steps like these. Communicate your passion to everyone you meet on job sites, and you'll be rewarded with a long, lucrative pipefitting career.


23 January 2019

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