A Few Options That Allow You To Use Your Pool Year-Round


Unless you live in one of the few areas of the country that stays hot year-round, you will have a limited season for using your swimming pool. However, you will still need to maintain it unless you take it down every year. It is a shame to have to let it sit unused for a good part of the year. Luckily, there are a few ways you can keep using your pool all year long. The first way is to have a pool heater installed. Of course, the air around the pool will still be cold, making it uncomfortable to have any part of your body above water and tough to get out and run to the house. The other option is to have an enclosure added. Here are a few options to choose from for a custom pool enclosure.

Bubble Domes

A bubble dome is a large, inflatable, thick plastic dome that uses an air blower to keep the dome inflated. The clear plastic will act as like a greenhouse, keeping everything inside warmed by the sun. You may need to deflate the dome if bad weather is expected. However, since the dome will deflate and act as a cover for the pool, it will still keep the water warm for when you can reinflate the dome and go swimming again.

Frame and Fabric

If you do not want to deal with an air blower and deflating the dome for weather, you can choose to have a frame made of tubes or PVC built around the pool. Once erected, cover the frame with a clear greenhouse fabric and secure it to the frame. It will be more stable and secure than a dome, but may not withstand severe wind, rain, or snowstorms. This will provide a warm tent over the area where you can enjoy a swim and then relax poolside if you want. 

Wood and Glass Structure

The most heavy-duty pool enclosure is built out of wood and glass. Basically, it is like having a sunroom or shed built over the pool. You will not have to worry about it falling down any more than you would your home. If the building will be close enough to your house, you can even have ducting to it for heating and cooling. 

If you and your family enjoy swimming, have a pool, and wish you could use it year-round, consider having some type of enclosure made for it. For more information, reach out to companies like Harmon's Services LLC.


12 December 2018

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