Options For Enhancing The Look Of Your Shower Stall


When your current shower stall looks outdated, you have several options for changing its appearance. You can choose one or more of these design options to increase the visual appeal of the space.

Tile the Space

Your first decorating option is to tile the space. The easiest design to make is to pick one type of tile to create a solid wall design. With this design, you place large square tiles along the walls and floor of your shower stall and use a matching grout color. The idea is to blend the tiles together, so that the space between the tiles is less noticeable, thus creating a solid image.

Another design option is to use two different types of tile, such as larger square tiles for the center and smaller rectangle ones for the border. To customize the look further, you can pick contrasting colors for each type of tile. Then, you need to finish the look by using a grout color that is different from the tiles, which will help highlight the pattern you created with the tiles.

Install Frameless Glass Doors

Another common issue people have with a shower stall is that it feels to enclosed. To get an open feel without making it larger, you can choose to install frameless glass doors. Without the frame, the stall has a more open feel, which can also make the bathroom itself feel larger. You can choose to incorporate this look with a newly tiled shower or simply replace your older doors with this model type.

These doors are usually comprised of two glass panels. One panel is secured to the wall with specialized glass clips so the panel does not move. The other panel, which is the door, is attached to the wall with hinges to allow it to open and close.

If privacy is a factor, you have the option of installing frosted glass instead of using clear glass. Some remodeling companies even offer customized frosting, which means you can choose a specific design to help enhance the look of your shower stall.

When you want to enhance the look of your shower stall, you have several options. It is best to look at the overall design you want to accomplish, so you can determine how to go about upgrading the look of your bathroom. If you need further assistance with the project, it is in your best interest to consult a bathroom remodeling company (such as Holtzman Home Improvement). The company will be able to explain which changes are easily made to your shower stall and they can even do all the work for you.


23 June 2015

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