How To Clean Your Finished Concrete Flooring


Have you recently had a concrete floor installed in your home and now need to know how to clean it properly? Making the wrong cleaning choices could decrease the durability of the flooring and leave it looking not quite as nice as you would like. Here, you will learn the proper methods of cleaning your new concrete flooring.

Step 1: Sweep the Floor             

Smooth Finish Concrete Flooring – The best method of sweeping a smooth finish concrete floor is by using a standard dust mop. The dust mop will efficiently capture the dust and dirt that is in the corners, as well as the open areas.

Textured Concrete Flooring – To sweep textured concrete flooring, vacuuming is the best option. The suction of the vacuum will pull the dirt and dust out of the cracks and crevices in the flooring. For best results, use a vacuum without a spinning brush. The spinning brush can kick dirt from under the vacuum instead of sucking it up into the canister or bag.

Step 2: Mop the Floor

In a one-gallon bucket, mix very hot water and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap. The dish soap is gentle enough to protect the sealant, but powerful enough to break down and grease or grime built up on the floor.

If your concrete flooring has a smooth finish, use a flat mop with a microfiber head cover. This will most efficiently clean the surface and leave it streak free and not nearly as wet as a traditional string mop would.

Tip: Wear thick rubber gloves so that your hands are more comfortable as you wring out the mop. You want the water to be as hot as possible, but you don't want to burn your hands.

If your concrete flooring is textured, you will have to use a traditional string mop to clean the floor. Just be sure to wring out the mop as much as possible to avoid leaving puddles of water on the floor as you mop.

Step 3: Rinse the Floor

Once you have finished mopping the floor, fill your bucket with clean, very hot water to rinse with. You can use a flat mop on both textured and smooth surface concrete floors for the rinse job. Once you rinse the floor well, use a fresh mop cover to go over the floor once more. This will help to dry it more quickly and leave the finish looking shiny and beautiful.

Note: Fight the temptation to use glass cleaner or ammonia on your concrete flooring to try to buff any streaks out of it. The ammonia could cause the sealant to break down more quickly over time.

Following these steps when cleaning your finished concrete flooring will keep it looking beautiful for many years. Talk to a professional like Claggett & Sons Inc for assistance.


4 March 2015

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