Three Tips For Preventing Problems With Nails On A Metal Roof


Even though they're relatively expensive, metal roofs are getting more and more popular for both residential and commercial buildings. In comparison to traditional shingle roofs, they're durable, simple to install, and very environmentally friendly. But to ensure that the nails on your metal roof last a long time and don't contribute to leaks and rust formation, make sure that you apply these three tips.

Ensure That All Of The Nails Used On Your Roof Exactly Fit Your Metal Panels

Not all contractors will use the nail size recommended by the manufacturer of your roof's metal panels. To save money, your contractor may use slightly smaller nails that are liable to let water into your home.

This isn't always a bad thing. In fact, the money saved from using a more readily available nail type can be considerable. But if you care more about minimizing the chance of repair work in the future than minimizing upfront costs, it's essential that you talk to your contractor about what kind of nails are going to be used in your metal roof.

Every Once In A While, Straighten Or Replace Any Bent Or Raised Nails

No matter how your metal roof is installed, a few nails will eventually bend or raise themselves out of place. If left unchecked, these nails will both allow water to seep into your home and quicken the pace of rust deformation on the undersides of your panels.

If you live in a climate with a lot of wind and heavy rain, this process will be exacerbated. But no matter how the weather's been, you should periodically set aside some time to go on your roof to straighten and replace nails.

Clean Dirt And Debris Off Of All Of Your Nail Heads

If you're going to ascend your roof to take care of problem nails, you might as well spend some time cleaning while you're at it. Using soap and water, gently clean up all the dirt and debris around your nail heads.

A major reason for nail heads popping out or coming undone is dirt accumulating underneath them and pushing them out. Through cleaning, you can significantly reduce the risk of your nails coming undone in the future with little effort.

Since a metal roof is such a great thing to have, you shouldn't let any potential problems with nails deter you. On the contrary, you should be glad that there's quite a bit you can do to head off roof issues caused by nails.


23 February 2015

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